3D Modelling

3d modelling services

Visualise Your Project through 3D Modelling Services

As designers and architecturally trained individuals with a sound understanding of the building process we understand the importance of 3D visualisation. Starting with your project concept, we collaborate with you and combine your ideas with our skills to produce a three-dimensional representation of your idea. We offer our professional 3D modelling services Australia wide and for the global market.

Using our skills, your concepts and specialised software, we are able to turn your sketches or 2D images into a stunningly accurate 3D model. 3D modelling services are ideal for a variety of industries and professionals including the real estate market, builders, town planners, building developers and architects.

GT Images also offers 3D modelling of any building, furniture element or product for use in your own 3D visualisation project. Contact us for a competitive quote and save time by having us perform the detailed 3D modelling component. Leaving you free to get on with the lighting and material / texturing components of the project.

Once we have created an accurate 3D model that suits your requirements, we can add colours and finishes that truly complete the image.


  • Email us your 2D drawing, sketches and a brief describing your requirements via email or call us directly +61 3 9018 7503.
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  • We then accurately 3D model your project in every detail. Anything can be 3D computer modeled and we have the trained staff to fulfill any modelling task.
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  • We assign UV mapping and supply all the correct texture maps as required; Diffuse, Normals, Displacement, Specular and Occlusion.
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  • We then upload your 3D model for any comments you may have to a secure URL where you can view any angle in full 3D.
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  • Following any comments you may have we implement the required changes and upload a revised model. This process is continued until you are fully satisfied with the result.
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  • We then collate all your files into a single, secure download point (URL) that you can share freely with your own network of colleagues and consultants.
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  • GT Images keeps all projects backed up and secure. We understand the sensitivity of developing projects and work in complete confidentiality on your projects. Your projects are always ready and waiting for any future developments you may require.