GT Images can assist you in understanding the context of your development within its real world environment through a specialised photomontage process. Once all rendering is complete and the model is accurate, using specialised software and a large scale photographic image of the location we can virtually place the model in its future location. This is an indispensable marketing tool for the real estate industry, making it even easier to sell off-the-plan by producing 3D visualisations of proposed developments.

Planning Authorities often have strict guidelines and requirements to be adhered to for producing photomontaged images being used for building approval. GT Images has produced numerous photomontages over the years that adhere to these guidelines and requirements.

The building industry in Australia is highly competitive, providing your clients with an animated 3D model can further assist them in understanding the end result. Through our superb services, we can produce in-depth animated walk-through’s of your creation. Again, this is an ideal way to allow clients to gain a better understanding of the entire project.

A Commitment to Excellence

We have consistently delivered outstanding results to a number of major international and Australia based clients. We have a commitment to producing high-quality architectural visualisations alongside excellent customer service, whilst adhering to all ethical and professional standards. Choosing GT Images to produce your modelling will provide you with more than a 3D image, but a crucial marketing tool for your business.

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  • Email us your 2D drawing, sketches and a brief describing your requirements via email or call us directly +61 3 9018 7503.
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  • We then proceed to detail a 3D computer model of the project in accordance with your drawings and specifications.
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  • If you have material selections we place these onto the model at the correct scale and colour. We can source any material from our library or from the manufacturers themselves.
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  • Photography of the proposed building site is carried out by our photographer or we can use your photographs if you prefer.
  • 5.
  • From the photograph EXIF data or through our own specialised software we can determine exactly where to place the 3D model into the photograph. Lighting conditions are matched from the photograph and utilised in our rendering of the 3D model.
  • 6.
  • We then produce a preliminary image or images showing the building imposed into the photograph.
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  • Following any comments and discussions we may have from the preliminary image(s), we implement the required changes and enhancements.
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  • Gt Images is understands the building process so we allow you to make unlimited changes to your design within the inital scope of work until you are satisfied with your images.
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  • We then collate all your images into a single, secure download point (URL) that you can share freely with your own network of colleagues and consultants.
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  • GT Images keeps all projects backed up and secure. We understand the sensitivity of developing projects and work in complete confidentiality on your projects. Your projects are always ready and waiting for any future developments you may require.